Tenants Guide to Services Fees

We have produced this guide to inform tenants of the procedures and requirements relating to a typical tenancy. We aim to be as transparent as possible when disclosing our services, procedures and fees.

Administration fees

An administration fee of £120 per adult will be payable upon creation of a legally binding tenancy agreement.

If there are any guarantors to the tenancy, additional administration fee of £120 per adult will be charged for this service.

If any charges remain outstanding at the end of the tenancy, ETB MANAGEMENT will deduct the amount due from the deposit.

Renewal of tenancy

Please contact us if you wish to extend your tenancy. ETB MANAGEMENT will draw up the new tenancy agreement. The administration fee for this service is £35 + £48 change of deposit / £83  per adult  and is payable upon request.

Payment of rent

The first installment of rent must be paid in cleared funds when you sign the tenancy agreement.

Thereafter, rent is payable in advance on or before the Rent Payment Dates.


A deposit equivalent of one month rent must be paid in cleared funds when you sign the tenancy agreement and is registered at My Deposit Scheme for the duration of the tenancy in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement and where applicable ETB MANAGEMENT will register the deposit monies with a deposit protection scheme on the landlord’s behalf.

Out of Hours Services                               

Where actions of the tenant results in the agent (or nominated contractor) attending the property, time to remedy the situation is charged at the hourly rate.

Professional Cleaning

Only charged where professional cleaning is necessary to return the property to the same condition as at the start of the tenancy.

Lost Security Items                                    

Obtaining necessary permissions, sourcing providers and travel costs